World Vision and Obama



World Vision is a multinational charitable organization that regularly generates more than $1 billion in revenue annually, largely via donations from churches around the country, individual believers of their causes, and federal grants. World Vision utilizes most of these funds in an effort to assist those in need. As a result, World Vision’s work takes it to some of the most impoverished and oftentimes dangerous, war torn locations in the world. Some of these locations, such as Sudan, are very active hotspots for terrorist activity. World Vision has a duty to ensure that funds acquired from the U.S. government or donated by Americans do not end up supporting terrorist activity. Particularly concerning to this Committee is World Vision’s attempt to shift the blame to the federal government for their own inability to properly vet a subcontractor. A more robust and fundamentally sound system of screening and vetting is needed to restore the public’s trust that contributions made to World Vision are not funding illicit organizations. Moreover, although we find no reason to doubt World Vision’s assertion that the funds in their entirety were used by ISRA for humanitarian purposes, that money inevitably aids their terrorist activities.

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