The Iran-al-Qa’ida Axis

Speech by Mike Pompeo

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“al-Qa’ida has a new home base: it is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As a result, bin Laden’s wicked creation is poised to gain strength and capabilities.

We ignore this Iran-al-Qa’ida nexus at our own peril.

We need to acknowledge it.

We must confront it.

Indeed, we must defeat it.

Now, I know this news will come as a surprise to many Americans.

We had al-Qa’ida on the ropes after 9/11, thanks to sustained efforts of our brave soldiers, intelligence officers, diplomats, NATO allies, many others who work tirelessly to defend freedom.  There are far fewer al-Qa’ida operatives in Afghanistan today than there have been in decades.  That remains true.

This is an enormous tribute to American resolve, American ingenuity, American leadership, and frankly, raw American military strength.

That effort drove al-Qa’ida to search for a safer haven, and they found one.”

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