What I think happened on 1/6.

I have a legal background. The law has always been near and dear to my heart. I follow cases and read, read, read.

Many believe that Mike Pence betrayed the President. I think he probably did, as well. But, there is a small thing that has stuck in my brain since Jenna Ellis wrote about Pence’s ability to send the electoral votes back to the states for clarification. I think this was a route he could have legally taken, under the Twelfth Amendment. We will never know FOR SURE what he intended to do and it doesn’t matter now. He has shown where he stands and will forever be remembered as a traitor, regardless of the proverbial rabbit he may or may not have intended to pull from his hat.

Regardless of Pence’s intentions, he was compromised, and part of me is glad that he wasn’t allowed to show his hand. All the corruption needs rooted out, and using Pence to overturn the election would have made Trump a party to the corruption. No infiltrators allowed. They must all be removed from office, even if they want to help now. Nobody really ever changes, right?

BUT, the timing of the disruption is what’s interesting. I was watching live on C-Span, and the two hour debate on the objection to Arizona’s votes had just begun. But, let’s back up. Most experts were saying that Pence could not move past the Electoral Code and use the 12th, since there is no remedy provided in the code to do so, think Appellate Court. You can’t go to appeal until you have completed the process in a lower court. You can’t use the 12th, until you have satisfied the Electoral Code. I don’t know if there is or there isn’t a way to get there. Jenna said there was a way, but whatever.

The whole point of Hawley and Cruz and the rest, using the objection process, was to reveal to the Nation and get “on the record”, all the evidence of election fraud. The senators and many in the house, each had role to play and each would have focused on particular pieces of evidence. By the time all the states had been heard and the debates completed, even if Biden had reached 270 and congress certified, the evidence would have been out in the open for everyone to review.

My opinion is that the left (and many on the right) orchestrated the timing of the siege to disrupt the debate, thus, not allowing the evidence of the election fraud to get “on the record”. Think about the destruction and mayhem left behind at other BLM or Antifa rallies. Huge. Think about the reactions of the people inside the capitol. They were calm, for the most part. Cops, politicians, MAGA. All calm and collected and peaceful, except for the isolated incidents.

I said just before the GA runoff election, that DJT has set a trap for them. A trap to catch them in the act. That’s why the election continued as planned. In other words, he gave them rope. There is no reason to believe otherwise. I also think that DJT is way too smart to have let an opportunity like the 6th slip away. I am convinced that he operated tactically. MAGA was not the victim of “plants” within the crowd. DJT knew they were there, and I could see him sending in his own to do things like steal laptops and slip away. My heart goes out to those arrested.

Right after the Nov. 3rd election, I posted on FB, that I entertained the notion that DJT was just another billionaire with nothing better to do than throw money at the court system and if he lost, that he would slip into an oblivion and after collecting in donations what little we, as Americans, had left, to Stop the Steal, he might leave us to reap what had been sown as he golfed in Mar-A-Lago.

So far, that is just what he has done. Or has he? The waiting for the second shoe to drop has been excruciatingly painful for me. I hate the buildup to major events. I stress out. The next few days, the last days of his Presidency, will be the longest in recent history, for me, as I await the explosion of information promised by the few I trust. If it never comes, I will damn sure be disappointed and probably kick myself over and over for being gullible. Stupid conspiracy theories. Then, I will get about the business of hunkering down, while the communists take over our wonderful country. But, if DJT is truly behind We the People and he makes his play, I will support that in any way I possibly can, including exercising my Second Amendment rights, joining a militia and fighting. End game style.

I believe, in my heart, that this country is going to war. I think the scale will depend on location, but part of me sees it full-blown. I have a friend in Texas attending a militia meeting this weekend. I think the left will attempt to remove a mass amount of MAGA supporters in an initial sweep and get many of them. Then, it will become more systematic and main stream. Things like tax audits, property issues, permits, travel, banking. Things will get more difficult, in many ways. We have about 10 days until the first wave on general citizenry. Maybe a bit more, if they have a hard time getting the leaders, activists, institutions and politicians that they need to get first. They move fast, y’all. 15 million Twitter accounts purged in one day.

It is not my intent to scare anyone or scream that the sky is falling. But, you need to be scared and you might need a helmet. America cannot be left to perish at the hands of communist China. I will always owe Trump a debt of gratitude, for at the very least, opening my eyes to them.

Until next time, Patriots……..

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